Glenda Farrell: In Her Own Words

Glenda Farrell Portrait

Who better is there to tell about Glenda Farrell’s life, experiences, and opinions than Glenda Farrell herself? While I was conducting research for my article “Glenda Farrell: Her Life and Legacy”, I discovered a wealth of Glenda Farrell interviews. They not only contained much information about Glenda herself, but also some rare and interesting information about early 20th century theater and the Golden Age of Hollywood. So, I decided to create a companion piece to “Glenda Farrell: Her Life and Legacy”: a page about Glenda Farrell’s life, experiences, opinions, and knowledge, as told by herself. The result turned out to be almost overwhelming in terms of length, so if you feel daunted by the length, feel free to read it in increments (the pictures on this page make good chapter marks) or read just the topics you find most interesting (each quote or interview snippet is preceded by a brief introduction in bold-faced letters).

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