About me.

I’m just a regular guy. I live in The United States of America, in the state of Mississippi. My interests range from books, movies, and music, to politics, history, and science (well, some of it, anyway) to dozens of other random things. Sometimes I have well thought-out ideas, sometimes I just ramble. Thus the name of this website/blog hybrid.

About this site.

The Thoughts and Ramblings of Hardwicke Benthow is a website/blog hybrid. For the most part, it functions as a website, with various categories and pages. However, the home page functions as a blog.


2 comments on “About

  1. John Cochran says:

    You say that Wylie threatened to sue over ‘Gladiator’ and that Siegel swore in an affidavit that he was not influenced by Wylie’s book in the creation of Superman. Can you tel me your sources on that?

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